Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hapi-Fri. Run

The regular training of HKIOF started from 19/9.
On every Friday nights(7~9pm), we do running and orienteering trainings at Lai Chi Kok Park.

Yesterday we had a 2-men shadowing training- A & B run a course together, while A's map only show odd number controls and B got even numbers.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

APOC'08 team report

Chiu Ho Ching, the Champion of Sprint Distance Race

The team of Hong Kong Island Orienteering Force (HKIOF) for the Asia Pacific Orienteering Championships 2008 had a magnificent success in Seoul, Korea this summer. Among the 11 runners we have sent, 9 of them were medalists. The best runner in our team, Lo Tsun Ming, claimed a total of 3 golds plus a silver in all of the four races.

Leung U Hang running the Relay's last leg under HEAVY RAIN

The detailed results are as follows:

Sprint Distance Race

Champion - M16 Lo Tsun Ming
Champion - M20 Chiu Ho Ching
2nd runner-up - M18 Lo Joseph

Long Distance Race

Champion - M16 Lo Tsun Ming
1st runner-up - M18 Lo Joseph
1st runner-up- M20 Man Chi Kin

Middle Distance Race

Champion - M16 Lo Tsun Ming
2nd runner-up – M20 Chiu Ho Ching


Champion – MB Hui Yau Chiu, Lo Joseph, Leung U Hang

1st runner-up – M20 Man Chi Kin, Yip Ka Lun, Chiu Ho Ching

1st runner-up – M16 Lo Tsun Ming, Lau Chun Yin, Cheung Tsz Kin

Yip Ka Lun approaching the Finish line

This is the first time we fit on our new club jerseys and tights made by Champion System. We found that the clothes are perfectly matched with this sport. It helps us to perform well under hot and wet weather conditions, and is durable under the roughness of terrain. Also, the advanced laser printing technique perfects our jersey design; which ends up with attracting lots of envious gazes of other orienteers from different countries.

Once again, we would like to express our heartiest gratitude to the generous support provided by Champion System.

Monday, July 28, 2008

6 medals from Sprint & Long


APOC 2008

Champion - M16 Lo Tsun Ming
Champion - M20 Chiu Ho Ching
2nd runner-up - M18 Lo Joseph

Champion - M16 Lo Tsun Ming
1st runner-up - M18 Lo Joseph
1st runner-up- M20 Man Chi Kin


Friday, July 25, 2008

Ready for the big thing

We in our new orienteering suits sponsored by Champion System

The HKIOF team for APOC 2008 is now finished 3 days of trainings and a Model Event today. The maps for the trainings are Drawn by Korean maapers. Some details are missing and the vegetation have changed since the maps are quite old. For the APOC events, all maps are made by European mappers. The quality is high so that we had lots of fun in the Model Event today.

We are living in the Seoul Tower Villa near Myeong-Dong, just on the slope of Nam Shan. There are lots of shopping area and restaurants. However, it's quite hard for us to find a ideal place since the food are either spicy or too exensive for us.

Tomorrow is the Srint Distance race and the Long Distance race is on the following day. After the rest day will be the Middle Distance race and Relay.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back from Sweden

Man Chi Kin is now back to Hong Kong from the Junior World Orienteering Championships 2008. He did the best in the sprint distance race and beat all Asian Orienteers. As he told, this year's JWOC is very technically challenging. The video below shows how world class orienteers making mistakes at the middle distance race:

His maps and route choices will be uploaded later.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Man Chi Kin's JWOC Training

He is now having the training camp with four other Hong Kong team members in Sweden. The above map is one of his trainings. The yellow line shows his GPS route.

more maps:

The first competition of Junior World Orienteering Championships 2008 will be the sprint distance on 30/6. We can check the live results and hear to the commentary on the internet. The competition programme is as follow:

Sprint Distance30/6 1230~1600
Middle quli2/7 0915~1200
Middle final3/7 1200~1615
Long distance5/7 0900~1500
Relay6/7 0930~1205

The event website:

And here is a poster of the Hong Kong JWOC Team '08.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

APOC team flight info.

22/7 TUE
DEP: Hong Kong (TERMINAL 1) 00:30 [OZ 724]
ARR: Seoul Incheon Int 05:05

30/7 WED
DEP: Seoul Incheon Int 19:45 [OZ 723]
ARR: Hong Kong (TERMINAL 1) 22:35

Meeting time on 21/7 Mon:
11:00 pm

Hong Kong International Airport

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

calling up for our meeting

deal all,

let's fix a time for discussing our plan for the following season

i propose a saturday morning in early june, the place can be in qc.

we may have tse yee lut with us

1. members application
2. our year plan, say, which event to organize (jsoc will be organized by oa this year), promotion plans, etc
3. apoc matters
4. AOB

plz invite as many potential members to come and get involved.

for the time being i ll focus on the admin job and initiate any attractive projects.

thanks all

white egg

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Train for APOC

Today, six of our APOC team members joined a technical training organized by KK Yeung, the Ex-Hong Kong Champion from HKOXCC. It's a well-set course with 5.5km length and 205m climbing in Rotary Park, Tai Mo Shan. Map details showing the control feature within the circle are missing out, which makes the course more challenging.

The first part is mostly grassland with quite a lot of rock details. At the second part we entered the forest containing some thickets. We got to be very careful because those route choices are really interesting! Despite the hot weather, we enjoyed running every single legs. After punching all of the 21 controls, we even wanted to do more of it.

High quality trainings are essential for good results. Having this kind of technical trainings, combining with well planned physical trainings, we are all with great confidence to ROCK the APOC!

Leung & Yip were discussing about the route choices afterward.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Man Chi Kin - The King of 100M-Orienteering

On 1/5, our club member - Man won the 100M-Orienteering Championships (or called Orient-Show) again. He is the always-winner of this discipline in the All-China Orienteering Championships and other elite races in China.

The race he has just won in Hong Kong is not exciting enough. Here is a more exciting one from the Chinese National Orienteering Championships 2007 in Yunnan. Let's see how did he catch up at the last control. Enjoy the video!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Who we are?

There is a boys-only secondary school on the Hong Kong Island. In the school, there are some boys who fell in love with orienteering. They love running around the hills with a map. When they find a control flag in white and orange color, they get smiles in their hearts. It is easier to get smiles on their faces - simply when they are together.

However, when they leave the school, they are separated. They need a force to get them together and keep them smiling. After months of planning and meetings, they set up the Hong Kong Island Orienteering Force to make it.