Friday, July 25, 2008

Ready for the big thing

We in our new orienteering suits sponsored by Champion System

The HKIOF team for APOC 2008 is now finished 3 days of trainings and a Model Event today. The maps for the trainings are Drawn by Korean maapers. Some details are missing and the vegetation have changed since the maps are quite old. For the APOC events, all maps are made by European mappers. The quality is high so that we had lots of fun in the Model Event today.

We are living in the Seoul Tower Villa near Myeong-Dong, just on the slope of Nam Shan. There are lots of shopping area and restaurants. However, it's quite hard for us to find a ideal place since the food are either spicy or too exensive for us.

Tomorrow is the Srint Distance race and the Long Distance race is on the following day. After the rest day will be the Middle Distance race and Relay.

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