Monday, May 12, 2008

Train for APOC

Today, six of our APOC team members joined a technical training organized by KK Yeung, the Ex-Hong Kong Champion from HKOXCC. It's a well-set course with 5.5km length and 205m climbing in Rotary Park, Tai Mo Shan. Map details showing the control feature within the circle are missing out, which makes the course more challenging.

The first part is mostly grassland with quite a lot of rock details. At the second part we entered the forest containing some thickets. We got to be very careful because those route choices are really interesting! Despite the hot weather, we enjoyed running every single legs. After punching all of the 21 controls, we even wanted to do more of it.

High quality trainings are essential for good results. Having this kind of technical trainings, combining with well planned physical trainings, we are all with great confidence to ROCK the APOC!

Leung & Yip were discussing about the route choices afterward.

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